Jennifer Lawrence Exacts Revenge By Cropping Chris Pratt Out Of 'Passengers' Bus Ad

"Passenger" seems like a fun movie.

Jennifer Lawrence has taken her completely serious public feud with “Passengers” co-star Chris Pratt to new heights, literally.

After falling victim to a classic Pratt prank, in which the actor kept cropping her out of photos he posted to Instagram, Lawrence exacted her revenge on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday night. 

Asked whether she’s the type of person to take such social media abuse lying down, Lawrence replied with a totally spontaneous, “F**k it.”

“I’m gonna do something about it,” she said, before storming offstage and grabbing a can of conveniently located spray paint. A bus then rolled into view to reveal her plan: defacing her co-star’s likeness on a massive “Passengers” ad. 

As Lawrence scribbled over Pratt’s face, Kimmel joined in, too.

“Look, I have ‘ass’ here,” said the 49-year-old professional late night host.

Watch the whole clip above. 

“Passengers” hits theaters Dec. 21.



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