Jennifer Lawrence Confused By Jon Stewart On 'The Daily Show' (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lawrence wrapped up her promotional tour for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" with an appearance on "The Daily Show." Jon Stewart and his staff must have thought they really had something with an old picture of Hellen Mirren, but it didn't work. He thought Lawrence resembled Mirren when she was younger.

"That looks like you, yeah?”

“Does it?” Lawrence said. "You are so weird," she added later. “That was the weirdest thing.”

Stewart and Lawrence did talk about how he doesn't prepare for these interviews. She said that his staff warned her, when they weren't offering her copious amounts of alcohol. She also admitted she considered coming out with the turkey Stewart had used in an earlier bit on her head -- a la Joey from "Friends." Sadly, that didn't happen.

Lawrence admitted to Stewart that she's exhausted from this non-stop tour, and looking forward to her upcoming 10 days off. And she may need it, judging by a mini-meltdown she had at the film's New York premiere.

Her break is probably so short because she's going to have to hit the circuit again to promote her next film. The David O. Russell-directed “American Hustle” hits theaters next month. "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" airs Monday through Thursday at 11 p.m. EST on Comedy Central.

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