Jennifer Lawrence Gives Middle Finger Backstage At The Oscars (PHOTO)


Jennifer Lawrence was such the high roller at last night's Academy Awards, she could get away with anything. Yes, even flipping the almighty bird at the press room.

After her epic fall on the stairs and her out-of-breath acceptance speech, the Best Actress winner went backstage to pose for photos and answer some burning questions. Right before she posed with last year's Best Actor winner Jean Dujardin, who handed her the Oscar, Jen was caught on camera making a sour face and giving someone the middle finger.

It is yet unclear who Lawrence was flipping off (though Digital Spy seems to think it was a photographer), but given that a moment later she was all smiles and camera ready, everyone's taken it to be a joke. The good spirited gal also announced that she took a shot before going into the press room and we all know how saucy she gets a few drops in.


jennifer lawrence gives middle finger

This is not an unusual move for the 22-year-old, who is by now an awards-show vet. Lawrence is considered to be a breath of fresh air in the industry, as she's always quirky, laid back and outspoken in all her speeches, interviews and TV appearances.

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