Jennifer Lawrence Proves She Means Business In New 'Joy' Trailer

Get the message yet, wage-gap supporters?

Hollywood wage gaps make no sense, which Jennifer Lawrence perfectly articulated recently in an essay. And for those who still support the gender pay gap, the new "Joy" trailer shows you what you have to look forward to.

JLaw means serious business in the latest official trailer for the David O. Russell-directed film. The director recently told Entertainment Weekly, "I want people to see that it’s exciting and that it’s emotional and it’s intense."

Yeah, intense is a good word. In one scene, Lawrence blatantly says she'd be the one picking up a gun against an adversary before immediately cocking one in the next. In another, she says, "Never speak on my behalf, about my business, again," in a chilling tone.

Any wage-gap supporters want to take on an angry JLaw? Yeah, that's Katniss Everdeen we're talking about. Good luck with that.


"Joy" is out in theaters this Christmas.


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