Jennifer Lawrence's Trainer On Her Fitness Transformation Into Katniss Everdeen For 'The Hunger Games'

Jennifer Lawrence had just six weeks to get her body arena-ready for her role as tribute Katniss Everdeen in the upcoming movie "The Hunger Games."

The 21-year-old, whose biggest role to date was 2010's "Winter's Bone," trained with conditioning coach Dr. Joseph Horrigan, who shares inside details on what it took Lawrence to prepare for the role that many are predicting will make Jennifer Lawrence a household name.

Horrigan calls Lawrence's fitness program "intense," explaining that not only was she performing agility drills and sprints, but that she also worked with a stunt team and an archery coach.

Lawrence also focused on nutrition, forgoing high-protein diets she had tried in the past in favor of portion control and "evidence-based, sound nutrition" says Horrigan.

Want to "train like a tribute" yourself? Lawrence and "The Hunger Games" have inspired a host of themed workout classes to get fans into warrior shape.

Watch the video above to find out which training move Horrigan says Lawrence "picked up very well" and which one made her smile. Then tell us in the comments what you think about Lawrence's transformation.