Jennifer Lawrence Is The Reason You Should Watch The Oscars

Oscar Sunday is upon us, and as movie lovers gear up for the epic award show, there's clearly one celebrity in particular everyone can't wait to see: Jennifer Lawrence.

Not only is the 23-year-old an extraordinary actress, she's also completely entertaining in her unusual yet endearing, quirky way. Let's be honest, next to Ellen DeGeneres, she's the reason you all should tune into the way-too-long, at-times-boring (gasp!) Academy Awards presentation.

And here's why:

She'll definitely make a grand entrance.
jlaw entrance

And just might possibly be wearing a sheer/see-through/leggy Dior dress.
jlaw sheer

JLaw might get spooked by other celebrities if they try to say hello.
scared jlaw

Unless they just so happen to be pregnant Drew Barrymore. (Then she's all for the scare.)

She might freak out over TV spoilers on the red carpet.
jlaw gifs

Or simply explode when she sees fellow Best Supporting Actress nominee, Lupita Nyong'o.

She'll most likely complain about how hungry she is.
jlaw gifs

jlaw gifs

But if fries aren't available, she'll be happy to chug a glass of champagne in the meantime.
jlaw gifs

Then she'll take that liquid courage and photobomb some A-list celebrities throughout the night.
jlaw gifs

jlaw gifs

And make Jennifer Garner laugh ...
jennifer garner

... Most likely by making THIS face.
jlaw face

She might trip up the stairs before accepting her award (if she wins).
jlaw gifs

Or have a mini wardrobe malfunction while taking to the stage.
jlaw gifs

But she'll gracefully recover in her speech.
jlaw gifs

Or just accidentally announce that she beat out the other nominees.
jlaw gifs

Then she'll most likely do a little jig with her statue.
jlaw gifs

Before heading to the press room to make funny faces with the other winners ...
jennifer lawrence

... Whom she may block in a picture, by accident of course.
jlaw amy

And we're assuming she'll have another epic celebration with her family.
jlaw gifs

But all that happiness will fade away if she has another run-in with Jack Nicholson.
jlaw gifs

So, here's to JLaw pulling out all the stops on March 2.
jlaw gifs



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