Jennifer Lawrence Rushes To Aid Collapsed Woman

'Hunger Games' Star Helps Collapsed Woman

Jennifer Lawrence followed in the footsteps of Mila Kunis and Dustin Hoffman when she became the latest celebrity Good Samaritan for a person in need Monday evening. The "Hunger Games" actress was walking her dog in front of her Santa Monica, Calif., apartment building when she spotted a teenage woman collapsed outside of the complex and rushed to aid her.

"[Lawrence] was walking her dog when she saw the juvenile. She stood by as a Good Samaritan until officers arrived and spoke with them," Santa Monica Police Sgt. Richard Lewis told the New York Daily News.

Photo agency X17Online snapped pictures of the 21-year-old actress, dressed in yoga pants and a tank top, reaching over to use the unidentified cellphone and standing by as she waited for authorities to arrive.

"Jennifer ran outside her apartment when she heard a girl scream and immediately called 911. When the EMT arrived, she stayed to make sure everything was okay. She was really scared for the girl," a photographer for the agency said.

The young woman in the photo appears to have recovered from the scare.

"It was a couple of juveniles involved in the incident. It could have been alcohol related," Lewis said. "She's okay."

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

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