Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer Want To Make Every Actress’ Nightmare A Reality

Red carpet madness!

Last week, Amy Schumer rocked our world when she joked that her friendship with actress Jennifer Lawrence was "completely over."

The two friends were nominated in the same category for a Golden Globe, so we figured a little competition might have gotten the best of the them. But, according to Lawrence, their friendship is totally fine and they'll be attempting to pull off matching outfits at the awards ceremony.  

"We're going to try to figure out [how] to wear the exact same thing," said Lawrence in an interview with E! News' Marc Malkin. "That's my mission. I really want us to wear the same thing."

Generally, that sort of thing would lead to nightmares for most Hollywood stars, but not Lawrence and Schumer. 

"She's going to have to wear Dior," said Lawrence, who has long been a face of the brand. "I'm just going to have to have Dior make two of whatever they're making for me."

Dress code aside, the "Joy" actress told Extra that it was "odd" to go up against Schumer in the same category. 

"Who would have thought if you looked at my movie and you look at her movie it would be in the same category, but I’ll take what I can get," said Lawrence, adding that the two would "start arm wrestling" if cameras panned to them during the Golden Globes show.  

Asked about the movie she co-wrote with Schumer, Lawrence had good news for fans: "We are dunzo, we are ready to go." 

Guess we'll start lining up at the nearest movie theater now. 

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