Kenneth Krause, Jennifer Livingston Attacker, Defends Remarks About News Anchor's Weight

Jennifer Livingston Attacker Doubles Down

Kenneth Krause, the man who attacked local news anchor Jennifer Livingston over her appearance, is standing by his remarks.

Krause sparked outrage when he emailed Livingston, an anchor for WKBT 8 Morning News in La Crosse, Wisconsin, saying she was not a "suitable example" for young girls because of her weight. Livingston made headlines after issuing an emotional response on-air Tuesday morning.

In a four-minute segment, she addressed Krause's attack and also thanked the viewers, friends, family and colleagues who have sent her words of support. Their response, Livingston said, has been "truly inspiring."

Krause, however, seemed unmoved by Livingston and her many supporters. After declining an invitation to appear on WKBT, he issued the following statement:

"Given this country's present epidemic of obesity and the many truly horrible diseases related thereto, and considering Jennifer Livingston's fortuitous position in the community, I hope she will finally take advantage of a rare and golden opportunity to influence the health and psychological well-being of Coulee Region children by transforming herself for all of her viewers to see over the next year, and, to that end, I would be absolutely pleased to offer Jennifer any advice or support she would be willing to accept."

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