Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Hit TikTok 'Flip the Switch' Video Out Of The Park

The power couple is representing in a big way on the short-form app.

How cute are those two?

Power couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez slayed TikTok late Sunday in a “Flip the Switch” challenge.

The baseball great stood still and cool while the Super Bowl halftime star gyrated to Drake’s “Nonstop.” But as Drake sang the lyric “flipped the switch,” the couple has exchanged outfits and Rodriguez busted his fiancee’s moves. Well, sort of.

The clip from the short-form video app had attracted more than 2 millions views on Instagram by early Monday afternoon.

If the two were running in a primary of older-than-average TikTok users against Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Kate McKinnon’s entry over the weekend, who would win the nomination for “Flip the Switch”?