Jennifer Lopez Appears To Respond To All The Bored Ben Affleck Memes

The actor's facial expressions and demeanor at the 2023 Grammys sparked a lot of jokes on the internet.

Jennifer Lopez has something to say about the countless memes teasing Ben Affleck for looking bored at the 2023 Grammy Awards last weekend.

The singer-actor appeared to reference all the hoopla surrounding her husband’s demeanor at the award ceremony in an Instagram post on Thursday promoting the upcoming Nike movie he’s directing, titled “Air.”

Lopez shared the trailer for the new film but added a text overlay to a still shot of Affleck — who looked pretty unamused — at the beginning of the clip. “My husband’s happy face,” it read.

The “Marry Me” actor’s attempt to set the record straight about Affleck’s facial expressions came days after he became one of the most meme-able celebrities at the Grammys.

Affleck was captured in several photos and videos from the event looking bored, and in some cases appearing miserable to many viewers at home.

Some videos even captured Affleck and Lopez appearing to have a spat on camera.

But Affleck is no stranger to being meme’d; the actor has endured several years of witnessing video clips of his facial expressions get used for online jokes.

He told the Los Angeles Times last year that he thought some of the “Sad Affleck” memes were funny, but that he worried his children would think “their dad is fundamentally sad.”

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