Jennifer Lopez' Bodysuit At The 2011 American Music Awards (PHOTOS)

Move Over J.Lo, Flo-Jo Did A Bodysuit Long Before You

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Watching Jennifer Lopez whip her hair onstage at the American Music Awards on Sunday reminded me of young Britney Spears doing much of the same at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards. Britney's sequined bodysuit, while technically two pieces, was inspired by a Givenchy Couture look that she wore on ELLE's October 2000 cover. The bodysuit, from the fall 2000 collection, was the the creation of Givenchy's young, talented designer--Alexander McQueen.

Years before Jane Fonda wore a bodysuit as "Barbarella", Michelle Pfeiffer was fetching in black latex number in "Batman" and recently my girl Tyra wore a black leather jumpsuit to the 2011 Teen Choice Awards, to which we say, "Go on, girl". My personal favorite was the customized bodysuit that sprinter Florence Griffith-Joyner (also known as The Fastest Woman On Earth, or Flo-Jo) wore, which she called an "Athletic Negligee". Since then we have seen many a bodysuit, but none has been quite as surprising as Spears' on-stage transformation from pin-striped businesswoman to half-naked temptress. Take a look back at the brief history of the bodysuit in our slideshow below.

Jane Fonda as "Barbarella", 1967

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