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Jennifer Lopez's Costume From 'Britain's Got Talent' Raises Eyebrows (PHOTOS)

In 2012, Jennifer Lopez's go-to concert outfit was a sequined jumpsuit. This year, Lopez seems to have made her signature onstage style "gorilla sleeves."

For her special performance on "Britain's Got Talent" Tuesday night, J.Lo unveiled her latest furry costume, a black PVC leotard with voluminous gorilla-like sleeves. The outfit, similar to the one Lopez wore at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, left the "BGT" hosts speechless and stirred up some chatter on Twitter. (British broadcasting regulator Ofcom reportedly received official complaints from viewers about the outfit's sexiness.)

Sexiness aside, we're focused here on the sleeves. It's not like we haven't seen the style before -- Fall 2011 runways were filled with them. But might massive "fur"-covered arms look a tad silly, especially when the wearer has very little covering up her bottom?

See for yourself. Is this pouffy style statement a faux pas?

Lopez on "Britain's Got Talent":

jennifer lopez costume

jennifer lopez costume

Lopez at the Billboard Music Awards:

jennifer lopez costume

jennifer lopez costume

You've come a long way, Jennifer:

January 1994

Jennifer Lopez Style Evolution

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