Jennifer Lopez: 'Dance Again' Single Debuts On Youtube

It's here! Jennifer Lopez's newest single "Dance Again" (Click to listen on Youtube) has finally arrived!

After weeks of teasing sneak peaks and snippets of photos, the full audio version of the J.Lo-Pitbull collaboration debuted on Youtube. Though the accompanying music video will not be released until April 5, today's video features the full lyrics in all their flashy, glittery glory.

A quick electro beat and rapid clapping pushes the momentum of the song from the start as Pitbull launches into a brief introduction.

The beat shifts from upbeat pings and claps to a bass backdrop as Lopez takes over the vocals.

"Nobody knows what I'm feeling inside. I find it so stupid so why should I hide that I love to make love to you baby," she sings.

The quick electro beat returns, revving up the energy before the chorus: "I wanna dance and love and dance again."

That's the line that will surely get stuck in your head.

J.Lo fans have been in a frenzy on Twitter today awaiting the release of soon-to-be dance hit.

Read some of the enthusiastic reactions to "Dance Again" in the gallery below.

Twitter Reactions To "Dance Again" Debut