Jennifer Lopez Playing The Role Of Griselda Blanco, The 'Cocaine Godmother?' We Could See It (POLL)

POLL: Jennifer Lopez As The 'Cocaine Godmother?'

While Griselda Blanco's escapades were hardly a secret -- she was known as Colombia's 'Cocaine Godmother,' after all -- the 69-year-old's significant presence in the drug industry has been thrust into the international spotlight this week following her assassination outside a butcher shop in Medellin.

If Hollywood producers weren't rushing to cement Blanco's story on film before her death -- there were three feature films and an HBO series in the works -- they certainly are now. Earlier this year, Mark Wahlberg, who is working on a production for Paramount, told MTV News there was one actress in particular who was gunning for the role of Blanco -- Jennifer Lopez.

"It's one of those characters that will go down in history. Jennifer Lopez is chasing that [role] like crazy," Wahlberg said. "It's the role — if I could play Griselda, I would. That's Academy Award [bait] right there."

The 43-year-old actress has yet to receive an Oscar nomination in her career, but, like most in the industry, has been eyeing acting's top prize for years. In 2010, she spoke out about her role in the 2006 film "El Cantante" alongside ex Marc Anthony, revealing that she believed the Academy overlooked her part.

"I feel like I had that [Oscar worthy role] in 'El Cantante,' but I don't think the academy members saw it," Lopez told Latina magazine. "It is a little bit frustrating."

However, with plenty of accolades from her music career, Lopez didn't seem too worried about eventually getting some Oscar recognition.

"Things will happen when they're supposed to happen," Lopez said, explaining that she has the "utmost faith and no doubt that it will one day."

For Lopez, who has often bounced from serious roles to rom-com characters, winning the part of the infamous narcotics queen would put her right on the Academy's doorstep.

Wahlberg has been markedly silent about the film's production since he revealed he was waiting on the script and planned to shoot in Miami this year. However, with the news of Blanco's assassination, a script change may be in order.

Listen to what Wahlberg said about Lopez chasing down the role in the clip above, and let us know what you think about J.Lo potentially playing the role of Blanco.

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