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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Keep It Together For Kohl's

While many separated couples remain amicable for the sake of their children, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are sticking it out for the sake of... Kohl's.

Women's Wear Daily reported Monday that two clothing and accessories lines by the recently-separated couple will debut as planned, albeit with slightly different billing.

The duo will no longer be promoted as "the first celebrity couple to simultaneously design collections for one retailer," and the lines are now being advertised as two separate collections, supposedly the plan from the start.

It's a smart move for Lopez, who has always been better at selling "Jennifer Lopez"-branded products than staying married. Her fragrance biz, which includes sixteen perfumes to date, essentially invented celebrity fragrance as we know it and has earned around $1 billion since launching in 2002, Women's Wear Daily reported last year.

And her success with marriage? We're looking at a 0-for-3 record, not including a broken engagement to Ben Affleck.

Lopez should be eager to make the Kohl's line succeed, considering her uncharacteristic failure with branded apparel in the past. The singer/actress/entrepreneur recently told the New York Times that she felt like she "never got a fair chance to do it right" when it came to a Jennifer Lopez sportswear line, which flopped after a 2001 launch.