Jennifer Lopez Acts, Sings For Kohl's Ad (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jennifer Lopez Breaks Out Some Old Tunes

It's almost that time of year, people -- the September 7 debut of Jennifer Lopez's full collection for Kohl's is approaching.

We already took our jabs and lightly mocked the clothing selection, seen in the full lookbook here. But miraculously, as the debut draws near, we've actually gotten genuinely excited for the singer/actress/designer's retail debut and all because of these videos.

Kohl's has posted a series of humorous videos on its Youtube channel to promote both J.Lo and ex Marc Anthony's lines (you know, the ones that used to be a joint effort but post-divorce are now separate).

The spots all center on Jen and Marc's ineptitude in a classic office environment and we have to admit -- they are quite endearing.

Below, Jen tries to get into the Kohl's headquarters without showing her ID badge. We get a minor "you don't recognize me?!" moment, but it is mostly accompanied with some cute throwback singing (no diva moment here); and in the second clip, she clicks her pen incessantly. Both things that we do! (Well, minus singing to our building guards.)

Jennifer Lopez -- just like us!


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