Jennifer Lopez Wardobe Malfunction: Star Suffers SECOND Nip Slip In That Sparkly Jumpsuit (NSFW PHOTOS)

Again. AGAIN?! Guuuuurl.

We love you. We love your style. You're definitely one of the hottest 43-year-olds we know.

But guuuurl, we need to talk about your seemingly constant stream of wardrobe malfunctions.

Just last week (last week!), you suffered a nip slip in the same exact Zuhair Murad bodysuit you've been wearing at virtually every show you've done on your tour since June.

And now, just days later, the same thing happened again in London on Monday night: your glittery suit failed to do its job, resulting in another very egregious nip slip.

Of course, we're not pointing fingers at you. You were dancing. It happens. This wasn't a Joanna Krupa hey-where's-my-bra situation.

But still, it might be time to rethink your stage attire, just for your, uh, bosoms' sake. Which isn't to say you shouldn't wear that jumpsuit, because to be fair, your body is slamming in it. Just maaaaaybe not on stage.


jennifer lopez wardrobe malfunction

jennifer lopez nip slip

jennifer lopez

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