Jennifer Lopez Will Have To 'Cover Up' For Indonesia Concert

US singer Jennifer Lopez performs late on November 22 2012 in Dubai.    AFP PHOTO/MIKE BLACK        (Photo credit should read
US singer Jennifer Lopez performs late on November 22 2012 in Dubai. AFP PHOTO/MIKE BLACK (Photo credit should read MIKE BLACK/AFP/Getty Images)

If Jennifer Lopez wants to dance (and love, and dance again) in Indonesia, she’s going to have to “cover up.”

The Puerto Rican star’s Dance Again World Tour is scheduled to perform in the country’s capital, Jakarta, on Friday night. But this show is expected to be slightly different than the rest -- according to CNN, J. Lo plans to tone down both her wardrobe and dance moves to make her performance “suitable” for an audience in a country where Islam is predominantly practiced.

Dyandra Promosindo, one of the promoters for the Jakarta show, said the Boricua and her dancers’ attire will not show men’s chest or women’s cleavage.

"She'll have to cover up a little bit," Chairi Ibrahim, project manager for Dyandra Promosindo, told CNN. Ibrahim added that the artist's sexual dance moves will also be changed to seem more like laughs rather than “making love.” The adjustments will be made to appease local government, Muslim Indonesians, and other parties the Indonesian-based company has discussed the event with.

Another of the event’s promoters, Stellar Indonesia, confirmed to the English-language daily The Jakarta Post on Thursday that J. Lo’s sensual moves are expected to be altered.

“Her managers have also asked us whether she can perform her usual sexy dance moves and we said that they weren’t appropriate for Indonesia,” Reza Prawiro, president director of Stellar Indonesia, told The Jakarta Post.

But sexy dance moves and showing cleavage may be the furthest thing from Lopez’s mind this weekend. Earlier this week, US Weekly magazine reported that the artist and her ex-husband, Puerto-Rican singer Marc Anthony, are currently disputing where the twins, Emme and Max, will be spending Christmas.

“J. Lo really wants to be with the kids on this particular date, and she’s not going to let Marc take them away,” a source close to the couple told the magazine.

The source added that Lopez proposed spending the holidays together for the sake of the children with the condition that Anthony’s girlfriend, model Shannon de Lima, would not be present.

The Bronx-born star will also be performing in Malaysia on Sunday.

CLARIFICATION: A previous version of this article described Indonesia as an "Islamic country." Changes were made to reflect that Indonesia recognizes six religions, not just Islam. However, Islam remains the most widely practiced religion in the country.



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