Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants Conan O'Brien To Guest Star On 'The Client List' (VIDEO)

When Jennifer Love Hewitt said that the guest stars on "The Client List" like her to be hands-on during the massage scenes, she piqued Conan O'Brien's interest. On "Conan," she said that the actors always want her to give them real massages. According to Hewitt, they say "it'll help them get into character."

And she obliges. "You should come be a client," she suggested to O'Brien.

They shook on it, with O'Brien saying he'd be face up for his massage. "I’ll rub your abs and you’ll tell me sad stories about your life.”

“We’ll do many takes, many takes," O'Brien quipped.

Hewitt certainly seemed serious about wanting the late night host to appear, so fans will just have to tune in to "The Client List" to see if he ever shows up on her table.

Hewitt might be making a return to network television as well. Her name is one of several -- along with Hilary Duff, Faith Hill and Kelly Rowland -- that is being tossed around as a possible replacement for Britney Spears on "The X Factor."

For now fans will have to settle for Jennifer Love Hewitt on "The Client List," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime. Catch "Conan" every weeknight at 11 p.m. ET on TBS.

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