Jennifer Love Hewitt: Instant Bikini Icon

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has been inadvertently propelled into the spotlight thanks to photos of her in Hawaii wearing a bikini. Hewitt, 32, showed a little more flesh than some people expected, and blogs exploded in recent days with rude remarks ranging from just calling her fat and lumpy to up close inspections of her cellulite.

Hewitt, who was on vacation to celebrate her engagement, responded with a post on her official website lambasting her critics and calling on all girls to embrace their bodies and put on a bikini. She added, "A size 2 is not fat!" That spunk, applauded by women, had her hailed as a hero and has landed her bikini pictures their own segment on the Today show ("Changing Beauty Standards"), Access Hollywood, and the View (watch below), to name but a few. Now it's even landed her the cover of new cover of People magazine. That cover will stay on newsstands nationwide through December 16, so it looks like the Hewitt bikini story still has legs.

From Today, which plastered a Wednesday body image segment with the photos:

The View talked about it Tuesday:

The People Cover:

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