Jennifer: North Miami Beach, May, 2017

On my way home from visiting Mom and Patti, I stop at the Burger King to get something for Leslie, but it's near midnight closing and they're out of food. So I head to McDonalds, which is open twenty four hours, and order at the drive through a Big Mac (with extra sauce on the side) and large fries. I pull around to the payment window and see Jennifer. "That's six ninety two." she says. I hand her a ten and say "Please keep the change." "Really?" she asks. "Yes" I say. "This will help with bus fare home, thank you so much!" The next night around the same time I stop there again and request the same thing at the drive through order station. I pull around to the payment window and there's Jennifer. She greets me "I thought that was you!" she smiles. Again I hand here a ten and ask her to keep the change. “Y’know, you don't have to do're gonna make me cry." I reach out my hand and she takes it in a moment of wordless connection. As there's no one behind me in line, we talk for a minute. She tells me she moved here recently from Pennsylvania, that she has four children and is a Grandma. This I can't believe. I tell her a bit about me and how I spent some time in her home town of State College when I worked on the film "Unstoppable" in 2009. "I remember when that was filming!" She takes an order from a car behind me and we bid farewell, an unexpected friendship forged in the glow of divinity and the eternal now.

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