A Baby Goat Learning To Hop Is The Video You Didn’t Know You Needed To Watch

We “kid” you not -- this is adorable.

Goats are beloved by the Internet for eating peanut butter, getting stuck in trees and spontaneously fainting.

But baby goats? They’re adored for completely different reasons, and the most popular reason? Jumping. Need proof? BAM! Or rather, BAH!:

Although we’re relatively curious about seeing baby goats in their jammies, nothing is quite as cute as the video above of a baby pygmy goat named Johnny being taught how to hop by his human, Jennifer Pratzer.

“Baby Johnny’s mom won't feed him and his sibling died,” Pratzer wrote on YouTube. “We are bottle feeding him and he spends all his time in the house with us.”

And what’s more fun for a goat than learning how to hop when you’re cooped up indoors? Nothing. Well, unless Pratzer just happens to have some peanut butter on hand. If she does, we hope she feeds it to little Johnny and uploads that gem to YouTube in a jif-fy.

But, for now, Johnny’s epic journey to jumping perfection certainly suffices.

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