Jennifer Crosby Suspected Of Hiding Crack Cocaine In Her Vagina

A Florida woman accused of hiding crack cocaine in her vagina had her plans foiled by the foil allegedly used to wrap the drugs.

Jennifer Renee Crosby, 42, was arrested June 24 in Indian River County after authorities pulled over her companion, Robert William King, because it appeared that their green Chrysler had a window tint violation.

Things escalated quickly.

When investigators asked King, 47, for his license, registration and proof of insurance, King allegedly replied, "I don’t have a license! I’m habitual!” according to

Officers noticed Crosby was nervously shaking and asked her if she was carrying drugs.

At first she said no, but when the investigator called for a female deputy to come to the scene, she allegedly said, "I have drugs up my vagina," according to an arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Crosby was given a latex glove to wear while she removed the alleged crack cocaine. During her retrieval efforts, she told police, "Ouch! The foil is hurting the inside of my vagina," reports.

A field test of the substance confirmed that it was crack cocaine. The narcotic and $3,743 in cash were booked as evidence.

Crosby was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine, and drug paraphernalia and King was arrested on a habitual traffic offender charge.

Neither is currently listed in the Indian River County Jail inmate database.



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