Jennifer Sterger Reveals Her On-Field Limits: 'Out Of Bounds' (VIDEO)

Sexism in sports has been an ongoing conversation since at least the passage of Title IX in 1972, a conversation that's joined in the most recent episode of “Out Of Bounds.” During Episode 2 of HuffPost Black Voices' sports video series, Holly Robinson Peete, LaLa Vazquez, Jennifer Sterger and designer and broadcast journalist Tracy Mourning discuss female stereotypes in sports.

No stranger to the playing field, Sterger made headlines in 2010 when she claimed NFL quarterback, Brett Favre emailed her photos of his private parts during her tenure as the gameday host of the New York Jets. With the scandal behind, the 28-year-old explains how she knew her limits on the field as a host. "I was like an in-game host. It was my job to get drunk fans more riled up than they already were, which is not hard to do," she explains. "But that was my job, to keep the fans entertained while they were at the game ... it's a very minimal role, but I know what my limits are. And mine were from the entertainment aspect."

"I would never want to do play-by-play. Some women, they can do it, they're very good at it. But some women, I don't even want to watch them try."

When it comes to the celebrity panel discussing locker room double standards, Mourning felt that everyone should conduct themselves in a cordial, professional manner. "I don't think guys belong in a women's locker room," she said. "But as a reporter and sports reporter, I want to get in there and get the story. I think guys should be gentleman and have respect and cover up and let me get my story."

Check out more of the "Out Of Bounds" discussion in the exclusive clip above.