Worst Boyfriend Ever Told This Woman To Lose Weight And Dye Her Hair To Date Him

We thought telling a woman to make 300 sandwiches for an engagement ring was bad, but telling your girlfriend to lose weight or you won't be with her really takes the cake.

On the Oct. 21 episode of "Katie," "My Big Fat Revenge" star Jennifer Tipple speaks with Katie Couric about her horror of an ex who told her to lose weight in order to be with him. She told Couric:

At first I was just like, "oh, well maybe he's just trying to motivate me to get healthy." But then it comes out with "oh, I really wanna be with someone who's proportionate to me," and "oh, I'm really attracted to blondes, would you ever consider dying your hair blonde?" So it just progressively got worse and worse and worse, to the point where he was actually calling me fat and telling me he didn't want me to meet his friends.

This dude sounds like the WORST. We're pretty glad Tippie got out of that terrible relationship. No man (or woman) should use weight as a bargaining chip for love.

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