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Jennifo Box, 'Drunk Girl In Public' Actress, Says Guys In Video Were 'Perfect Gentlemen'

The actress who played the “drunk girl” in the now-infamous “Drunk Girl In Public” video has come forward to confirm the stunt was a hoax.

The video was purported to be a “social experiment” that showed men on Los Angeles’ Hollywood Boulevard attempting to take advantage of a seemingly intoxicated woman. Last week, multiple men involved with the video came forward to state they had been tricked into acting like attempted rapists on camera and their reputations had been severely damaged by the video, as first reported by The Smoking Gun.

“Had I known the damaging outcome of this video, I never would have participated,” Jennifo Box, the actress who portrayed the drunk girl, said in a filmed statement uploaded to YouTube on Monday.

The original video made it clear that Box was an actress, but countless viewers — and multiple media outlets — were fooled into thinking that the men in the clip were regular passersby who were caught on camera trying to lure her to their homes.

Those men say not only were they acting, but that the video’s creators deceived them as to to them about how they’d be portrayed.

"A couple people asked me if I'd be part of their video, if I wouldn't mind 'acting out a little skit,'" Josh Blaine, 32, told The Huffington Post last week. “I didn’t expect them to try to make me look like some sexual predator.”

He said when he original video came out, he struggled to convince friends and family of his innocence, and caught dirty looks from strangers who recognized him from the video.

Box, for her part, says the video was “described to [her] as a lighthearted prank show.” She notes that all the men who appeared in the video “were nothing but perfect gentlemen.”

Stephen Zhang, the creator of the video, has not responded to request for comment from The Huffington Post. The original video has now been made “private” on YouTube.”

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