JennxPenn Breaks Down The 5 Best Things You Can Do If You're Over 18

You may know JennxPenn (real name Jenn McAllister) best for her hilarious pranks, like trying out One Direction pick-up lines on college campuses and various other hi-jinx. But now, Jenn's one of several celebrities partnering with Ourtime.org to take a serious stand on youth voting.

In a new countdown video titled "5 Things You Can Do If You're Over 18," the YouTuber lists the typical "rebellious" milestones teens can accomplish once they've reached that golden age. And while getting a tattoo and freaking out your parents sounds enticing, Jenn has a better idea: You can vote.

"You wouldn't let someone choose the color of your hair, or what you're gonna do for the rest of your life. And you don't even really let other people choose what you watch on Netflix," points out Jenn in the video. "So why would you let someone choose your elected officials?"

True that. Register to vote at Ourtime.org.

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