Jenny Holzer's Hilarious Mom Tweets

Jenny Holzer, an artist made famous for her use of stern LED projections, once said, "A man can't know what it's like to be a mother." Well, perhaps he can't, but he can get closer to knowing through these tweets, which are, of course, written in all caps to reinforce the message and stay true to Holzer's artwork. In one, Holzer the Mom writes, "AN EXPOSED MIDRIFF WILL MAKE YOU MANY FRIENDS BUT FEW CONFIDANTS." In another: "TRYING TO BE POPULAR IN HIGH SCHOOL IS LIKE TRYING TO BE MAYOR OF A CITY THAT WON'T EXIST IN FOUR YEARS."

Yesterday, Vice Magazine's Tumblr mavens wrote, "At this point, Jenny Holzer, Mom is the best account on twitter."

Last year, Holzer collaborated with the Whitney Museum and Keds on a series of limited-edition black, gray and white shoes displaying what is perhaps her best-known message: "Protect Me From What I Want."

We've been fans of the saucy tweets from Jeffrey Eugenides' Vest, but Jenny Holzer, Mom is our art world favorite by far.