The View's Jenny McCarthy Vs. Catholic League's Bill Donohue Over Annulment And Pope Francis

Catholic League Head Calls Jenny McCarthy: 'Former Porn Star'

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League skewered Jenny McCarthy, a host on "The View," over the comments she made about the pope during the Wednesday show. His scathing op-ed in the Albany Tribune signed off with the call, "Look for Jenny to either fully crash, or get booted, real soon. In the meantime, contact the stooge behind 'The View,' Bill Geddie."

McCarthy, who was a Playboy model and actress before joining The View, complained about the Catholic Church's refusal to grant communion to people who've had a divorce, relating that her mother "cries during Communion because she watches all her friends go up there." McCarthy went on to say, "I hope the pope gets smart and does something about it."

Donohue didn't take her comments lightly, addressing her directly in his article to say, "Jenny, listen to Bill: If you know of any shortcuts on how to "get smart," please test them on yourself before contacting the Holy Father."

Starting at the 9:30 mark, the segment features Whoopi Goldberg commenting, "We are rooting for Pope Francis to make some changes in the Catholic Church. We love Franny! But he's still got a couple of things to work on," talking about the Vatican's recent reaffirmation of a communion ban for divorced Catholics.

McCarthy related her mother's sadness about being unable to take communion, calling it a "stupid law."

Donohue described the episode in his op-ed by saying, "Jenny went into a tizzy about the Catholic Church because her mom was once denied an annulment. The former porn star then went into detail about her mother’s problems."

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