Jenny McCarthy Kisses NYC Cop On New Year's Eve (VIDEO)

Many people wonder who they'll kiss at midnight at New Year's Eve and one New York City cop found himself locking lips with actress Jenny McCarthy when the ball dropped in Times Square.

McCarthy, who was an on-air correspondent for "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest," found herself next to a police officer at the stroke of midnight, and, following the tradition to share a kiss to ring in the new year, she decided to get friendly with one of New York's Finest.

"I just happened to be standing with that hot cop," she later explained to Seacrest about the smooch, which was most definitely captured on camera in the early moments of 2012.

And yes, the police officer rated McCarthy's kiss a "10."

Check out the video of McCarthy's New Year's Eve kiss (via Mediaite) below!

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