Jenny McCarthy's Manager Once Beat Up Stefano Gabbana & She Had To Give Back Dress

WATCH: Jenny's Manager Beat Up Gabbana & She Had To Give Back Dress

Via Styleite comes this hysterical video of Jenny McCarthy on "Chelsea Lately" discussing a run-in with Stefano Gabbana when she hosted MTV's Video Music Awards in Europe in (we believe) 1998. She was all psyched because she got to wear real designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Versace.

She recalls that after the VMAs, "All of a sudden I see this guy coming, walking towards me....and my manager goes 'What the hell is this freak doing, coming towards you?' He takes him and bashes him into the wall."

Turns out that "freak" was Stefano Gabbana. Big oops. We'll let Jenny finish the rest of the story, but it involves the Italian police, Jenny having to strip down and an apology from Dolce. The fun begins at 3:18.


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