Jenny Sanford: Ex-Husband Still Seeing Lover Maria Belen Chapur (VIDEO)

Jenny Sanford: My Ex Is Still Seeing Argentine Lover

COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is still seeing the woman who broke up his marriage, his former wife said Tuesday.

Former first lady Jenny Sanford appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America," talking about her polite relationship with her ex-husband and how she is enjoying being a single woman.

Jenny Sanford said the governor is still dating Maria Belen Chapur, the woman he called his soul mate after he disappeared for five days in June 2009 to visit her, not telling his staff or his family where he was going.

"The children haven't met her yet. And I don't know what their future is, but he does see her from time to time," Jenny Sanford said.

The former first lady said she wishes no ill will toward her former husband and his lover.

"Sometimes I think it would be nice if he stayed with her because it would make it seem like maybe there was a reason to break the whole family up and go through all this," Jenny Sanford said. "But it really doesn't bother me one way or the other."

After returning from Argentina, the governor tearfully admitted to a yearlong affair with Chapur. The admission led to scrutiny of Sanford's campaign spending and travel, which led to him admitting to dozens of state ethics violations and paying $74,000 in fines.

He refused to resign, and lawmakers never made a hard push to get rid of him. Sanford is term-limited and will leave office in January.

Calls and e-mails to Sanford's spokesman to discuss his wife's television appearance were not immediately returned Tuesday.

Jenny Sanford said her relationship with the governor is "cordial" and said they spent last weekend together to celebrate the birthdays of two of their four sons, but she said they don't talk about much other than their children.

"The boys are doing great. We're loving being back on the coast and they still see Mark, so it's all good," she said.

Jenny Sanford did ask him if he had read her book about their relationship and surviving big changes in life. He said he hadn't, and she suggested it wouldn't be a bad idea with his 16-year political career coming to an end in three months.

"I actually recommended that he should read it," she said. "He might learn some things."

One of the nicest things about the past year has been being out of the political spotlight, Jenny Sanford said.

"It's been fun getting out. It's been fun meeting new men," she said. "I'm not in a hurry. I'm not really ready for a relationship, but I'm having a great time."


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