Jenny Thompson, Wayne Rooney's Mistress? Prostitute Alleges Sex Scandal

English soccer star Wayne Rooney is embroiled in a sex scandal, with one woman claiming that the Manchester United striker bedded her multiple times while his wife was pregnant. Jenny Thompson, a 21-year-old escort, says their sequence of illicit romps began in June of 2009.

The young prostitute tells News of the World that she and Rooney even had a threesome with one of her friends. "He was shy and awkward - and me and my friend were left to do all the work," she says.

The Daily Mail has plenty of pictures of the "£1,200-a-night escort," and other papers have obtained additional lurid details.

According to the Telegraph, Thompson reportedly slept with 13 English Premier League players.

The coach of England's national soccer team still supports the superstar,

Rooney's alleged shenanigans follow reports from earlier in the year that French star Franck Ribery allegedly slept with an underaged prostitute.