Jens David Breivik, Father Of Anders Behring Breivik, Says He Wishes Son Committed Suicide (VIDEO)

Jens David Breivik, the father of the man who confessed to Friday's attacks in Norway that killed 76 people, told the Swedish tabloid Expressen that he wishes his son had committed suicide.

"How could he just stand there and kill so many innocent people and just seem to think that what he did was OK?" Breivik asked during the interview, CBS News reports. "He should have taken his own life too. That's what he should have done."

Breivik, 76, retired to France after spending more than 30 years as a diplomat with assignments in London, Tehran and Paris, according to a Google translation of the Expressen article. He and Anders Behring Breivik's mother divorced in 1980 when their son was a year old.

Aside from a short phone call roughly a decade ago, Jens says he has not had contact with his son since 1995, per the translation.

CBS reports that Jens' home in southern France is under police protection.

"I feel awful," the elder Breivik said, according to The New York Times. "I am deeply sorry over this situation. It's awful for me personally, but it is also tragic for the whole country."

Anders Breivik, 32, pleaded not guilty to the attacks. He did, however, tell a Norwegian court on Monday that he carried out the attacks with two other "cells," although Norwegian police believe he acted alone, according to Reuters.

WATCH: TV2's interview with Jens Breivik:

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