'Jeopardy!' Contestant Confuses Chaka Khan With Shaka Zulu

Sarah Jett Rayburn won the TV game, but got razzed mightily on social media.

“Jeopardy!” contestant Sarah Jett Rayburn needs to get her African kings and Grammy-winning singers straight. (See the clip below.)

Rayburn, a writer and stay-at-home mom from Hutto, Texas, tackled a $2,000 clue in Monday’s episode that read: “Here, as on each September 24, Zulus celebrate the holiday that was named in honor of this warrior leader of the early 1800s.”

“Who is Chaka Khan?” Rayburn responded.

Oops. Rayburn appeared to realize her mixup, but too late.

The correct response was Shaka Zulu, sometimes spelled Chaka Zulu, but definitely not Chaka Khan.

Chaka Khan, a 10-time Grammy winner, is known for songs such as “I’m Every Woman” and “Ain’t Nobody.” She’s sometimes called the Queen of Funk, but again, not a warrior leader.

Rayburn won the game to bring her two-day total to $39,400. And she got roasted for her gaffe.

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