This 'Fearless' Taylor Swift Clue Totally Stumped 'Jeopardy!' Contestants

"We're gonna get killed for that," one contestant later joked.

Jeopardy!” contestants struggled to get one Taylor Swift number right after host Ken Jennings read them a clue about a track from her album “Fearless” during a “Tournament of Champions” episode last week.

“Inspired by her bestie, Tay Tay sang when ‘somebody tells you they love you’ at this title age ‘you’re gonna believe them,’” said Jennings as he read the $400 clue in the “Songs of Youth” category.

Two contestants, Troy Meyer and Yogesh Raut, provided “17” and “22” as their guesses while Ben Chan didn’t offer a response, according to J! Archive.

The correct answer, “Fifteen,” led to a joke from Meyer who predicted how Swifties would react to their collective miss.

“We’re gonna get killed for that,” quipped Meyer, a music executive from Tampa, Florida.

The episode comes nearly two months after the pop superstar left her mark on every category in the first round of a “Champions Wildcard” episode that aired in January, according to Billboard.

The game show included Swift-themed categories such as “The Errors Tour,” “Love Story” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

The music icon also inspired the “Also a Taylor Swift Song” category in an episode of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” last year as well as “A (Taylor) Swift Category” during the show’s “College Championship” in 2014.

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