Wild 'Jeopardy!' Finish Includes Behind-The-Scenes Reveal

"Here we go," guest host Ken Jennings said.

What is ... even happening right now?

Friday’s “Jeopardy!” got about as wild as an episode of the long-running game show can get, meaning — yep, you guessed it — there was a tie-breaker. 

“Something crazy happens in today’s Final Jeopardy!” the show announced beforehand.

The rare occurrence found returning champ Brian Chang and challenger Jack Weller, each with $18,800, both betting it all and nailing the Final Jeopardy question to double their totals.

Guest host Ken Jennings then announced there would be a tie-breaker category, with the quickest player to ring in and answer correctly being declared the winner.

For your safety, please keep your hands, arms and legs inside this out-of-control “Jeopardy!” ride at all times, people! See it below:

Chang would end up winning, bringing the champ’s four-day total to more than $88,000. The whole situation seemed to leave Jennings simply giddy.

“Wow. That was some finish,” Jennings said after the game. “I’ve never seen one of those, and I’ve been here like 100 times.”

The guest host also shared some behind-the-scenes info, revealing that he can see everyone’s answers so he knew an exciting finish was coming.

“I’m watching you guys write very interestedly because the host lectern, you can see the wagers and the answers, the responses. And I’m like, ‘Oh!’ Like you both started to write Cs very early and I was like, ‘Oh. Here we go.’”

“Jeopardy!” whenever there’s a tie: