Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Surprisingly Eliminated On 'American Idol'

The singer had the chops and a compelling backstory, but judges saved Laci Kaye Booth instead.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon wowed the judges throughout this season’s “American Idol” ― but apparently not enough on Sunday’s installment.

When viewers voted neither Harmon nor Laci Kaye Booth into the top 4, the judges elected to save Booth and send Harmon home.

Harmon’s elimination ticked off fans in a poll by the entertainment site Gold Derby. A decisive 82% said the competition’s panelists made the wrong choice.

Harmon, 26, from Catonsville, Maryland, seized attention with his vocal range and personal turmoil. He said his parents don’t accept that he’s gay.

He took a parting shot at his elimination on Twitter overnight.

Check out Harmon’s performances Sunday (at the top of the page and directly below) on a Woodstock and showstopper-themed night.

You can compare them with Booth’s acts at the far bottom.

And here are Laci Kaye Booth’s performances on Sunday: