Jeremiah Patterson Found Naked At CVS Curled Up On Doggie Beds

Naked Man Found Curled Up On Doggie Beds At CVS

Jeremiah Patterson must have been dog tired last Tuesday evening.

Police in Lutz, Florida, have accused Patterson of stripping naked before going to sleep on three doggie beds he found in his local drug store.

Patterson, 22,allegedly entered a CVS store around 8 p.m., went to the men's room and dropped his drawers, The Smoking Gun reports.

Once Patterson was in the buff, witnesses said he walked out of the bathroom and straight to the pet section. Then he allegedly grabbed three doggie beds, took them back to the men's room and laid on top of them, according to

Patterson, who the police report notes is homeless, is now facing charges for lewd or lascivious exhibition. He's also charged with retail petty theft, since the store can no longer sell the doggie beds, according to the Bradenton Herald.

He remains locked up on $10,150 bond, according to The Smoking Gun.

The Floriduh blog points out that Lutz, Florida, is home to at least two clothing-optional communities, but that CVS is not one of them.

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