Jeremy Anderson Trashes Apartment After Meeting 'Homosexual Demon': Cops

An Oklahoma City man who told police he met a homosexual demon trashed his apartment and started a fire, according to police.

Jeremy Jarnell Anderson, 22, had a violent meltdown last Wednesday at his home. Police restrained him after receiving reports of a "person going ballistic," KFOR reported.

A witness told officers that Anderson's face was bloody when he kicked a heavy apartment door off its hinges. He then allegedly poured soap and salt all over himself while breaking glass and other objects.

Anderson was reportedly yelling at officers from his front porch as he threw furniture through his apartment door and broke windows.

When talking to Anderson failed, officers used a Tazer on him. The suspect ripped the barbs out of his skin and said it had no affect on him, KOKH reported.

The mayhem didn't stop there. Anderson allegedly demanded that the officers put down their weapons so he could "fist fight" them. A short time later, officers reported seeing smoke billowing from the his apartment. Anderson said he was "cooking the bible" because he is a Satanist, according to a police report.

When officers finally subdued him and took him to a hospital, Anderson told them he met a "possessed homosexual demon" who wanted drugs from him and performed sexual acts on him, according to KDVR.

He said he “wasn’t gay, just high” and when he came to his senses, he couldn’t believe he let the male demon touch him. He told police he had done nothing wrong, and was just remodeling his house. A short time later, officers say Anderson admitted he needed to be on medication.

He was arrested and charged with first-degree arson.



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