Did Jeremy Corbyn High-Five The Shadow Foreign Secretary's Boob?

The Brits get awkward.

A lot of Brits were very embarrassed for Jeremy Corbyn on Thursday night.

The Labour Party leader was celebrating his party’s surprising success as votes poured in during the U.K. election when he appeared to accidentally high-five Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry’s breast. The gaffe was caught on camera.

Corbyn and Thornberry were posing for a photo-op while their supporters applauded them in the background. As seen in the clip below, the two first make friendly gestures to each other, producing the adorable photo above.

Then the party leader misjudges the situation, goes in for a high-five ― and fails miserably. Thornberry was not anticipating a high-five at all, so Corbyn’s attempt landed just west of her cleavage.

Of course, Twitter noticed the strange moment and put it on blast.

Some argue that Corbyn’s left hand looks like it is not touching Thorbnerry at all. It’s also notable that Thornberry doesn’t appear to flinch.

Luckily, The Telegraph published a slow-motion version of the video, so you can judge it for yourself.

Corbyn’s unfortunate pat isn’t the first time a politician served an awkward greeting.

There was that one time when former U.S. President Barack Obama attempted to shake Cuban President Raúl Castro’s hand, which ended up with Castro raising Obama’s limp wrist. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) also once accidentally elbowed his wife in the face after he announced he was dropping out of the presidential race. Then there’s President Donald Trump’s infamous handshakes, which can look a lot like a one-sided game of tug of war.

Thornberry didn’t seem bothered by the accidental blooper and went on to praise Corbyn’s leading abilities as the Labour Party continued to win back seats in the House of Commons.

“If all of this was an audition to be Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn has passed with flying colours,” she said early Friday morning, according to The Telegraph.

By the way, she wasn’t talking about that awful high-five.



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