Jeremy Lin Dominance: 'Conan' Writer Deon Cole Wants More Blacks, Less Asians In The NBA (VIDEO)

"Conan" writer Deon Cole is very impressed with overnight NBA star Jeremy Lin. In fact, he's a little too impressed. Cole makes it clear: He hopes that Asian people don't follow the Knicks player's lead by getting good at basketball as a race of people. Because in Cole's eyes, that's black peoples' territory.

"Let me do my 'I'm about to say something racist' look-around," Cole says, scanning the audience. "I'm nervous because I don't want Asians taking over basketball, like they took over hip-hop dancing."

But Cole concedes that maybe his people were asking for it. "I guess we hurt Asians as well when we came up with a rap group called Wu-Tang Clan."

Cole lists other jobs that he doesn't mind Asians taking over. But Cole really wants NBA left for his people. No matter how racist it might be.