Jeremy Lin, Knicks Guard, Discusses Religion, Being A Role Model

President Obama, Roger Federer and Kim Kardashian aren't the only ones keeping up with the stellar performances of Jeremy Lin. The New York Knicks' unexpectedly superlative point guard is an international sensation. Knicks apparel with his name and No. 17 are selling out in New York as well as overseas.

Following the Knicks' rout of the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night, Lin addressed his newfound status as a role model.

"In terms of being a role model, I just want to make sure I live and play in a God-glorifying way," Lin told the media during his postgame press conference. "I just want to kind of just be myself and obviously inspire other kids. But, at the same time, to have them not necessarily want to be me but to try to be themselves and to try to chase their dreams and passions, whether it is basketball or not basketball. Whatever it is, just to enjoy and have fun doing it versus feeling pressured to succeed."

Just weeks ago, Lin was apparently close to being cut by the Knicks. Now he is at the center of Linsanity and a role model not only for his numerous Asian-American fans but for anyone who feels like an underdog. In response to a question about the way he juggled his studies and practice habits back when he was a student, Lin gave an answer sure to be touted by any parents hoping their own children will emulate the humble Harvard-educated 23-year-old.

"[I] make sure I try to get ahead in school. [I] make sure that I don't load up, that I don't have too much homework on any one day," said Lin. "And once I'm done with my homework, I can go play basketball until I drop. That was my parents' rule for me growing up."

It seems like the only thing missing here, is a recommendation to eat one's vegetables and to floss daily.

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