Jeremy Lin, Naim FaceTime: Former Knicks Point Guard Meets With Upset 5-Year-Old Fan (VIDEO)

Many Knicks fans were heartbroken in July when the franchise refused to match a $25 million offer by the Houston Rockets, sending point guard Jeremy Lin packing to Texas.

Among those fans was a 5-year-old named Naim, whose dad filmed him crying after he heard the news.

Pantless and blubbering, like a true Knicks fan, Naim will have to learn to live with disappointment. Though he'll also have to learn to laugh off his YouTube debut, there's a silver lining to the fracas -- one that shines with all the heart Lin has shown on and off the court.

Upon seeing Naim's reaction, Lin reportedly got in touch with the family and scheduled a virtual meet-up with the boy, in which he answered questions and chatted with his family, Mashable notes.

This isn't the first time that the Harvard-educated Lin has reached out when his fans needed him.

In March, the senior class of New York's Stuyvesant High School recorded a video montage asking the NBA star to speak at their graduation. Lin responded in April with his own video message.

Though some analysts and players, such as 2012 Olympic athlete and Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, have questioned the appropriateness of Lin's multi-million dollar contract, there's no doubt the newly minted Houston Rocket is a baller when it comes to public relations.

WATCH: 5-Year-Old Fan Naim Heartbroken Over The Knicks' Loss Of Jeremy Lin.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Lin connected to Naim's family using Skype, as was stated in the YouTube video's description. After a closer, internal inspection following an inquiry by a HuffPost reader, the software used on the iPad was determined to be FaceTime.