Jeremy Lin vs. Raymond Felton: Is Knicks' Choice Really That Clear Cut?

Remember Raymania? No? What about Feltonomy? Doesn't ring a bell?

OK. How about Linsanity? Of course, you remember that. Because that actually happened.

Nevertheless, the Knicks are bringing back former Knickerbocker Raymond Felton to share point guard duties and may be letting Jeremy Lin depart for Houston. Last season, Lin won over the Madison Square Garden crowd with an unforgettable fortnight that included a 38-point performance against the Los Angeles Lakers. The unheralded second-year player out of Harvard quickly became the biggest story in all of sports.

Now his departure from the Big Apple could become the biggest story of the NBA offseason.

After hearing previous reports that the Knicks would match any offer for Lin, a restricted free agent, the team's acquisition of Felton in a sign-and-trade deal with Portland came as a surprise to many Knicks fans. After all, New York recently reeled in veteran point guard Jason Kidd and there had been talk about the importance of Kidd's mentorship of Lin.

The rising number of point guards on the payroll and the high price attached to the offer sheet that Lin has signed with the Houston Rockets -- a deal described by Carmelo Anthony as "ridiculous" -- may send any blue and orange Lin merchandise to the discount rack. If the Knicks decide to match Houston's offer, they will be hit with luxury tax penalties ranging from $17.5 million and $48.5 million, according to Business Insider.

Although he was never a sensation like Lin, Felton earned the respect of Knicks fans during his short tenure in NYC, earning strong consideration for an All-Star spot before getting dealt in the trade for Anthony.

Given the relative talents and relative costs of both players, is the decision to bring back Lin as clear cut as many fans think? Do the dollars and cents speak loud enough in favor of Felton as to trump whatever advantages that Lin may represent in terms of X's and O's? Let us know what you think.

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