Jeremy Lin Respectfully Responds To Racial Slur On Twitter

Lin had some words for a Twitter user who called him a "chink."

Jeremy Lin isn’t here to play games. 

The Brooklyn Nets point guard responded to a Twitter user who called him a “chink” after the player tweeted about New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski during Sunday’s Super Bowl. 

Being the respectful dude that he is, the point guard clapped back nicely, taking down the quiet, subservient Asian stereotype in the process. 

The offensive tweet and user profile have since been deleted. Several social media users have praised Lin’s handling of the situation. 

Lin has been targeted with racial slurs and discrimination in the past. He revealed in an interview last year that when he was playing for Harvard University, fans at Cornell called him “chink” and referees failed to take any action. While playing Georgetown University, someone shouted “chicken fried rice,” “beef lo mein” and “beef and broccoli” throughout the game. The list goes on.

When Lin’s career took off in the NBA, prompting a craze referred to as “Linsanity,” ESPN published a piece entitled “Chink In The Armor.” The headline was removed and the ESPN employee who published the article, Anthony Federico, was subsequently fired