The Girl Who Accidentally Got A 'Jeremy Lin' Tattoo Finally Meets Him

The Lin-scription tale gets its happy ending.

In a week in which the word "Linsanity" is creeping back into our collective vocabulary, one fan is feeling the effects of the phenomenon full force.

About two months ago, a prank gone too far, a tattoo parlor and Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin combined to color the life of Reddit user Holland Christensen, who was tricked into having the NBA player’s name permanently etched in Chinese characters on her ankle.

She tried to make the best of it -- attending a Hornets game, becoming a Charlotte fan, the works. But it wasn’t until Monday, Game 4 of the Hornets-Miami Heat playoff series, that her fandom took a full Euro step forward, when, umpteen weeks after being Lin-scribed with Jeremy’s name, she met the star for herself.

Christensen seems to have spent hours waiting to cross paths with Lin, passing the time by making small talk with the likes of Michael Jordan, Dikembe Mutombo and Kemba Walker. Eventually, though, a friend of Lin recognized her and set things up. We’ll let Christensen’s Twitter feed tell the story:

And then ...

Lin's been up to his old tricks on the court lately, but it's this kind of kindness off the hardwood that has made him so beloved to his fans and followers for years now.



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