Jeremy Lin Wore A 'Boba' Sweatshirt To NBA Playoffs Because He Came To Win

Lin repped Asian America's drink of choice.

He came to slay.

Toronto Raptors’ point guard Jeremy Lin showed up to his NBA playoff game against the Philadelphia 76ers in a “Boba” sweatshirt, honoring the ultimate Asian American drink of choice: bubble tea.

Lin even dedicated an Instagram post to his beloved beverage.

“I lived off boba in high school and would have boba wars (think laser tag but w tapioca pearls),” he wrote. “Some of my close friends cant go one day without drinkin it @jaychou lol”

The point guard explained that growing up in the U.S., many Asian Americans were made to feel embarrassed about their cultural foods, “wishing our moms would let us trade in our dumplings for sandwiches.” Lin also gave a shoutout to the “awesome Asian people bridging cultures with our food and drinks!”

“We have so much culture to celebrate and offer to the world! 加油⛽️”

The Raptors ended up crushing the 76ers, 125-89. Coincidence? Nah, it was totally the boba swag that pushed them to the top. After all, Lin came to win.

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