Jeremy Lin's Boxer Briefs Reportedly For Sale On EBay (PHOTO)

Someone Tried To Sell Jeremy Lin's Intimates On eBay

The race to cash in on Jeremy Lin just got a lot more disgusting.

Someone put a pair of what they say are the basketball phenom's boxer briefs on eBay, starting at $1,000. The seller claims that they bought the briefs from someone who shared a room with Lin at Harvard, according to a screenshot of the eBay post captured by Buzzfeed. The ad has since been taken down.

But this underwear seller isn't the first to try to profit off of Lin's overnight success. Another savvy eBay user took home nearly $21,000 after he sold a Lin rookie card that he bought just weeks earlier for $1,000.

Lin himself hasn't stayed above the money-making fray. The point-guard spent $1,625 to apply for the Linsanity trademark, but others beat him to the punch. Two California men applied for the trademark, including one who was selling Lin-related apparel on his site, a domain name he bought in 2010. In addition, a Chinese sports ball maker nabbed the trademark on his name in China for $700 more than a year ago -- before anyone (except maybe this Chinese company) could possibly anticipate how valuable it would be.

And the Chinese trademark may be keeping another group from hitting it big off of the Lin name, according to Reuters. Nike, which is reportedly planning to release a Lin basketball shoe, signed a three-year contract with the star. But with his name already trademarked, it’s unclear if they’ll be able to cash in.

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